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Doctor of Multi-Dimensional Divinity

Debbi has helped thousands of people transform their lives and move into their true divine nature and power. She has an amazing ability to transmit sacred energy attunements that empower you to experience greater health, happiness, freedom and peace. She communicates messages from beyond compassionately, and in a way that invites you into an expansive spiritual consciousness and a greater understanding of you multi-dimensional Self.

Debbi is an accomplished public speaker, spiritual teacher, soul reader and higher consciousness facilitator. She founded the Center for Soulful Living ordination program. With three ordinations, a doctorate of divinity, and four decades of spiritual, mystical, shamanic, and healing training, Debbi will empower you to feel, know and step into your divine truth and spiritual mastery like never before.

Doctorate of Divinity – 2013 International New Thought Alliance
Ordination Diplomas
– 2008 Center for Soulful Living, Minister of Soulful Living
– 2002 Lola Pauline Mays Seminary, New Thought Minister
– 1997 International Council of Community Churches/Center for Expanding Consciousness, Non- Denominational Minister

Center for Soulful Living
– 2004-2012
Eight years of study for personal and professional development with multiple certifications in leadership and mentor-trainer facilitation skills. I have certificates in these year-long training programs:
Enlightened Leadership Certificate (three years of study)
o A 224 hour training and mentoring in a creative blend of visionary, inspirational, transformational, empowerment-oriented and servant leadership skills in a group of 12 participants to receive personal mentoring, tutoring and hands on experiential training in advance leadership proficiency with Bill Bauman, Ph.D.
Soulful Mentor-Leader
o A 128 hour training in mentoring, counseling and coaching individuals and small or large groups in soulful living and to become a leader of workshops, seminars and trainings to empower others in soulful living. Training in Speaking and Facilitation skills with Denise Harrington, coaching with AlexSandra Leslie, and magnifying your leadership gifts with Donna Bauman.
Soulful Facilitation
o A 128 hour program to develop soulful communication skills and styles to enhance all human interactions with the emphasis on applying the ability to create and cultivate soulful encounters and the spirit of oneness to all career, family and personal relationships.
Human and Spiritual Mastery
o A 128 hour personal development training to achieve mastery of self through psychological and group support mentoring in receiving and giving healing for personal issues with the end result to experience true human freedom and empowerment.
Immersion in Mysticism
o 96 hour training in understanding the life, path and experiences of the mystic self.

World Peace Institute Oneness Practitioner – 1998-1999 Diploma
• Training in mediation and oneness facilitation skills in individual and group encounters

American Career Training Institute of Hypnotherapy – 1987-1988
Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certified Home Funeral Care (2012, Beyond Hospice)
Non-Violent Communication Training with Marshal Rosenberg (2002)
Living with Grief: Caregiving & Loss, 8th annual Hospice Bereavement Conference (2001)
• Domestic Violence for Clergy Conference (2000)
Competent Toastmasters (1998)

Healing Education
Usui Master-Teacher 1995
Karuna Master-Teacher 1998
Mahatma Master-Teacher 2000
Violet Flame Master-Teacher 2005
Healing Touch Therapy II 2003
Investigating Health with Radionics 2013
Elder Touch 2006
Kinesiology 1 2003
Aromatherapy, jin shin jytsu, accupressure, chi gong, yoga, chanting, toning

Shamanic Training
Munay-ki Sacred Rites of Peruvian Shaman (2008)
Training with Don Martine & Don Marcos, Peruvian Shaman, Sedona 2009
Hunbatz Men and Don Pablo, Mayan elders from the Yucatan, studied and visited sacred sites (2008 and 2009)
Dying Consciously Training (2011 and 2012), certified teacher from the Institute of Energy Medicine
Teachings with Hopi (Grandfather Martin), Black Feet (Feather), Navajo elders, Chief Golden Light Eagle – Star Knowledge
Turtle Island Project weekend ceremony building a sweat lodge, setting up a tipi and creating prayer ties

Dr. Rev. Debbi Adams has created and facilitated these Trainings: 

Journey Home: Death, Dying & Beyond A unique, comprehensive, compassionate end of life training for the health care industry and lay people on death, dying, grief, hospice and beyond. Weaving together profound world wisdom with the latest modern scientific research this educational program answers the questions about how we die; what happens to the body, mind and spirit in this sacred transition; and the spiritual dimensions of life beyond death.

Spiritual Leadership Seminar: In Service to Your Soul: A transformational, personal development, weekend seminar to create magnificent leaders of self. The focus is on leading from the soul and modeling and mentoring inspirational presence through the cultivation of the essential and authentic self. Participants experience their power as a leader and a model of higher thought, spiritual law, and the greatest Truth and Integrity.

Transformational Soul Two-Day Intensive: A weekend seminar creating a personal enlightenment experience for participants to move expansively into their soul’s truth, freedom and light through  mentoring, healing support, spiritual empowerment and grace-infused blessings. First presented in 2011, Mesa, AZ and offered three times a year. Many participants have attended from out of state, traveling from Missouri, North Dakota, Utah and the Washington D.C. area.

Your Soul Divine: A six week course on the life of the soul explored through ancient and modern wisdom teachings with the emphasis on personal development, understanding the language of the soul and communion with your own soul guidance on personal life path, purpose and mission.

Divine Healing Presence: A six week body-mind-spirit course on spiritual healing and developing each student’s unique gifts to being that divine conduit for unconditional grace, love and healing power to flow through.

Divine Feminine Power Women’s Retreats: Developed and facilitated eighteen weekend retreats which meet during the equinox in beautiful resort locations in Sedona, Arizona. This is a time of bonding and empowerment through meditation, creative movement, blessing ceremony, and guided journeys with the opportunity for self-reflection, rejuvenation and heart-centered support in a sacred circle of spirit, sisterhood and Mother Nature.

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts 2002-2012: Co-developer of the 12-course Spiritual Studies program which can end in certification or ordination; author of training curriculum, resources and manuals for these courses. Instructor and mentor for hundreds of students over ten years.

Corporate Health and Wellness Facilitator, independent contractor leading many employee webinars on stress management, relaxation, time management, addictions, elder care. For companies such as NY state employees and more. Some webinars with 1,000 attendees.

Author in the book The Divine Power of EDGE. ‘Death is a Miracle… It’s a Miracle of Life’ in which I share about my stories serving as a Chaplain at Arizona State Veteran’s Home.

Speaker at The International Association of Near-Death Studies 2012 National Conference in which I presented two sessions, Love and the Oneness Field and Afterlife Communication.

Aware of angels since childhood.

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