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Bliss Transmissions: Sacred Energy Activations For Your Illumination

These monthly, hour-long conference calls are meditative transmissions designed to bring light to your soul, healing to your body, joy to your heart, peace to your mind and to expand your consciousness. They each have a unique focus and intention. They are usually held on the first Sunday of each month at 5 p.m. PT, 6 p.m. MT, 7 p.m. CT, and 8 p.m. ET. The cost to join this sacred energy activation teleconference live or to download the archived transmissions is $38.

“If there’s a school in heaven, I’m sure these would be in the curriculum!  Thanks so much for sharing this!” – Jennifer S. February 2017

“I just listened to the recording it was more profound and deep than the first time, the colors, the interactions with the great ones, the effects on the body… I look forward to listening more.” – Marie S. Honoring the Inner Master Transmission, August 2016

“I had another great night’s revere after listening to your meditation/transformation! Thank you for channeling this and sharing so generously.” – JennySue B., Journey Into Oneness Transmission, July 2016

Please do not listen to this while you are driving or doing any other activity that calls for your attention. Listen only when you can close your eyes and be in a space of deep receiving and listening. Be aware that long spaces in the MP3 may occur. Just breath into the transmission and invitation in that moment.

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The archived calls are available below as an immediate download after you check out.

Bliss Transmission #12 – Supernatural Healing – You are the Force – June 4th, 2017

The Science behind Miracles – Calling Your Miracle to You in 3 simple steps!

What if you had the power to heal miraculously? And to manifest miracles through simple adjustments in your energetic field? Well, you do!

Come shift into the miracle consciousness that will create your miracle for you now! This Bliss Transmission comes through in a different style than the previous ones. Receive healing and clearing along the way as you connect more brilliantly with the supernatural miracle producing power within you.

Charge your auric field with gold light, clear disbelief, fear and subversive ego from your consciousness, expand your heart to encompass unlimited potential, move yourself into ascension energy frequencies that supports miracles 100%.

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Bliss Transmission #12 – Healing Through The Akashic Records – May 6th, 2017

Cosmic Healing to clear any blocks to your highest expression of health, wealth and happiness.

Did you know you can positively shift your destiny? Everything you do influences your progress in life.
We will visit the Akashic field, often called the memory bank of the cosmos, to search your book of life.
For everyone on the call we will invite a group healing and clearing of karmic activity that can be holding you back from your highest potential. Discover more about your incarnational self to experience quantum energy healing and the infinite realms of light and love that YOU are. All that ever was is recorded in the Akashic records, even thoughts and ideas, as well as events, for all consciousness across all realities and life forms. The Akashic field is also called the mind of God, like a large library or universal computer, it is accessible to us.

Filled with invitations and initiations to advance your spiritual evolution. The Bliss Transmission format includes a short, enlightening talk on the topic and an experiential, meditative, energy and light transmission that will activate and empower you – spiritually, multi-dimensionally, quantumly, joyously and blissfully!

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Bliss Transmission #11 – Secrets of Manifesting from the Divine Mother –  April 2, 2017

Discover the Unified Field and Harness Its Power to Manifest and Create your Highest Life. In this Sacred, Pure Love Transmission Divine Mother will take you on a Cosmic Adventure to:

  • Exponentially increase your manifesting creative power on earth
  • Clear past history of failure and the small version story of self you tell
  • Energetically upgrade into a new evolutionary operating system that plugs you into the Quantum Field of Potentiality 24/7
  • Download the Cosmic Secrets of Manifesting into your biology, consciousness and energy field
  • And more…

Shift into a New World with Ease of Creation.

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Bliss Transmission #10 Sacred Heart Initiation – The Violet Flame – March 5, 2017
Have you see pictures of Christ and other saints depicting the 3 fold flame of the initiated heart?
Did you know you can activate your Sacred Heart?
Would you like to become a Spiritual Alchemist?
This initiation moves you from 3-4 D into 5D consciousness; assisting you to transition permanently from the exterior world of ego (fear) into the interior world of love (trust). The Violet flame will flood into every cell, molecule and thought form of your being, to transmute the ‘lead’ of the human personality into the gold of divine energy. The spiritual power of the violet flame will help you heal all areas of your life and activate your functional 12 chakra system. Heal emotional and physical issues, improve relationships, evolve spiritually and move into living in ease in the Universal flow of abundance and love.

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Bliss Transmission #9 Advanced Merkaba Soul Light Activation – February 5, 2017
We will connect with the cosmic spiritual energy grids that support your highest embodiment on earth. Together we will activate the 5D circulatory system that will flood new energy into every cell, molecule and thought form of your being. As we plug into this divine network of invisible electro-magnetic-spiritual lines that source the Alive Universe, our soul connection becomes more easily accessed within our own biology and we ascend into new levels of health, love, joy, freedom and ease. Experience your many-dimensional Self as new pathways of Universal Power open up within you.

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Bliss Transmission #8 Ancestor & DNA Healing – January 8, 2017
Core themes can run through our family lines that have been influenced by previous generations. Patterns such as poverty, addictions, mental health issues and emotional traits can be inherited by us. Today like never before we have the invitation to shift these patterns within us to create new freedom. In this beautiful transmission we will do just that. We will open to clear our self and our family linage with transformational love and divine restoration. We will also open to attune our DNA with the highest vibrations of ascension light and connect with the evolutionary blueprints for the new human.

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Bliss Transmission #7 Claiming Peace – Ending Karma – Staying Love-Centered In These Changing Times – December 4, 2016
The Holidays can increase our stress levels and the political climate can add to our stress levels too. Receive a Divine Harmonic Attunement to the higher octaves and frequencies of peace, love and joy that will help you transcend anger, disappointment, loneliness, sadness and fear. Resonate with higher consciousness and present moment energy as you come into new balance, hope, health, joy, and resiliency.

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Bliss Transmission #6 Light Body Immune System Healing™ – November 6, 2016
Initiate divine patterns of perfection to strengthen, empower and elevate your energy field. Works with thyroid, thymus, bone marrow, and spleen energy to resonate with magnificent health, joy, resiliency and personal freedom. For anyone wanting to strengthen their light body and powerfully charge and activate their immune system.

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Bliss Transmission #5 Healing Through Whole Body Awareness – October 2, 2016
Wow! Powerful deep healing for body, mind and spirit.This transmission will assist you to permanently release guilt, pain and hardened patterns held within the body. Shift states of tension and disharmony from the energy field through whole body awareness. Fast and painless it can permanently move you beyond energy blocks holding you back from experiencing true joy, freedom and love. We gather in sacred meditation and ceremony with our Higher Self and Luminous Beings in spiritual attunement to experience a Healing Heart Love Wave & Whole Body Awareness Activation. Before returning from the transmission, you will fill yourself with ascension frequencies and golden solar orbs of 12th dimensional frequencies as your vibrational field cosmically attunes. “Deep and profound.”

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Bliss Transmission #4 Messages from Lone Wolf – September 4, 2016
Gather in ceremony in a sacred fire circle around the inner heart flame with the ancestors, ancient ones, and luminous beings to receive the courageous heart activation from Lone Wolf. Debbi first began channeling messages from Lone Wolf (Chief of Kiowa tribe, 1820-1879) in 2008. A beautiful inner kinship developed in which she wrote his messages down. Lone Wolf transmits the Courageous Heart Activation “to assist us in clearing from cellular memory all past lives and experiences of being attacked by man or beast and to return to innocence.” Special guest Keith Walters sings a medicine song, Kimberley Valentine calls in the directions, and Steve Adams plays Native American flute.

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Bliss Transmission #3 Honoring the Inner Master – August 7, 2016
Advanced spiritual practices for enlightenment that will help you transcend human problems, conditions, and duality consciousness. You will enter the Ascended Masters Realm, experience a Brain Illumination, empower your physical and subtle bodies with the light of Ascended Consciousness, and embrace Self Realization.

“I just listened to the recording it was more profound and deep than the first time, the colors, the interactions with the great ones, the effects on the body… I look forward to listening more.” Marie S

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Bliss Transmission #2 Journey into Oneness – July 3, 2016
Be invited to transmute all that is not love into perfect love as you journey in the Cosmos. Clear imprints of past traumas and accumulated karma, activate oneness consciousness, and empower your natural positivity.

“I had another great night’s revere after listening to your meditation/transformation! Thank you for channeling this and sharing so generously.” JennySue

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Bliss Transmission #1 Sacred Joy/Bliss Activation – June 5, 2016
Enhance your personal attunement with radiant bliss. Reset, activate and empower your natural joy. Your luminous body and sacred biology will become more radiant in the Light of the Cosmos as you refresh and purify your energy field.

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