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Welcome to a World of Healing and Transformation

Are you ready to heal yourself and create miracles in your life but you’re searching for the ‘how to’ key that works for you?

Would you like to break free into higher consciousness and experience true Radiant Health, Happiness and Success?  

These unique Light transmissions will unlock Your Amazing Inner Power and Accelerate your Self Mastery.

MY Healing Matrix Reboot
Your Cosmic Perfection Connection for High Powered Healing

Feel Your Body Heal & Evolve With this Deep System Reboot!

Listen to a brief sample from the Invocation:

Experience this beautiful combination of modern body science, holistic consciousness, and cosmic love.

Have you tried over and over to heal yourself, making a little progress, then find yourself slipping once again into old energy patterns and habits?

This system will rescript your DNA and install new light matrixes at a quantum level to connect you with your Souls Energetic Healing Blueprint.

Join with me as we plug into billions of superfine life force connections that will repair, enliven and activate any diminished energy pathways in your body.

Do you suffer from chronic conditions that keep you from truly enjoying life?

Learn how to align your body’s biology with highly charged self-healing matrixes.

Clear out blockages that prevent the intelligent life force from creating your dynamic health.

Are you ready to spiritualize and embrace your body’s living tissue as sacred and divine?

Feel an amazing integration of your physical body with the pure essence of your spiritual healing matrix.

Are you looking for your spiritual GPS system in life?

Discover how to shift your body-mind matrices into the Unified Field to profoundly embrace purifying light and love.

Do you want to experience a more abundant life?

You can have the healthy, happy, successful life you know is yours!

  • Upgrade and Repair your body’s biological systems with this amazing Healing Matrix Reboot.
  • Finally a valuable tool to deal with modern ‘information overload’ – Receive a Cerebral Energy Center Reboot
  • Feel Rejuvenated, Energized, and Happy Again
  • Reboot and Expand your Light Body
  • Connect your body consciousness with Infinite, Immortal and Transcendent Light Fields
  • Activate powerful forces to clear illness, injury imprints, and stress from the body
  • Experience Cellular & DNA upgrades
  • Break free from human consciousness limitations
  • Transform self-hatred and body image issues into loving the beautiful YOU
  • Align yourself to your Sacred Resonance Frequency
  • Reorient your habit matrix for automatic healing
  • Experience radiant health and vitality
  • Boost your immune system by releasing energy drains
  • Feel a deep sense of emotional healing as your nervous system harmonically resets and detoxifies
  • See why there is no dimensional separation from perfect healing when you plug into your Healing Matrix
  • Connect your physical body with golden templates of perfection

Restore the energy matrix in each of your body’s organs and biological systems by repairing the amazing physio-quantum synapse between your body tissues and the unified field

These powerful healing MP3s activate healing receptors right at the root cause and heal the interactive energy exchange between our body systems and organs. Realize your highest potential by applying the life changing wisdom embodied in this advance system. You will find your consciousness shift dramatically into loving your body’s awesome healing ability. Life changing healing IS possible if you apply these easy to love, yet profoundly scientific healing upgrades.

You will feel a renewed sense of hope, healing, life energy and relief!

The journey starts right now. I will guide you, in these never before revealed healing series, in repairing your Healing Matrix so you can experience what a deep system reboot feels like, and enjoy amazing new health and happiness!!!

Here’s what’s included in the package of 14 powerful MP3s

(Get the full series of these powerful MP3 programs click here)

#1. Legs, Knees, Ankles and Feet Reboot   MP3   27:56 min   NEW!!!
Develop true gratitude for your body as you strengthen your connection to the field of mother earth. Open to cleanse joints, bones, ligaments and cells of pathogens or disease. Release stored toxic emotions and injury imprints. Feel new life flow and joy moving through you. Create a glowing network of life force energy and powerful circuitry in veins and arteries. Resolve fear of the unknown and moving forward in life. Improve your leg health and mobility by leaps and bounds as you claim your highest destiny now. Open to restore powerful energy in your feet, ankles, knees, legs and hips as you integrate with crystalline love and light fields.

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#2. Welcome to My Healing Matrix Reboot   MP3   9:36 min
Introduction to this life transforming series and what it can do for you. Understand your biology and body as fully alive and responsive to your thoughts and feelings about it. Integrate with your body’s natural healing abilities.

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#3. My Healing Matrix Reboot Invocation  MP3   10:36 min
Attune soul, atomic, cellular, and molecular levels with cosmic love and bliss. Initiate supreme health as cosmic energies purify distress, toxins, parasites, bacteria and dis-ease from your being. Let the habit body reboot and the body elemental come into a profound new balance. Receive a vibrant love ascension energy upgrade through the totality of your being.

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#4. Crown Chakra Activation with Skull, Hair, and Scalp Energy Reset  MP3   7:11 min
Invoke the thousand petal lotus of your spiritual connectivity center. Activate new life force receptors in the dura membrane and fascia tissues. Receive a divine harmonic cleansing and alignment in skull and facial bones. Energetically clear past trauma imprints and injuries. Release negative messages and self-judgments. Align with a new love flow. Connect with that which is not born and does not die – Your Eternal Self.

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#5. Cerebral Energy Center Reboot for the Brain & Central Nervous System (CNS)    MP3  11:23 min
Install new intelligence and health patterns at micro levels with amethyst diamond light waves. Activate your divine brain and CNS templates. Chromosomes and genes receive the matrix of eternal youthfulness. Reset parasympathetic, sympathetic and autonomic nervous system. Clear foggy brain, and mold, yeast, bacteria, virus and parasite genomes. Restore brain and memory. Trigger brain regeneration. Create a joyful nervous system hardwired for your enlightenment and success.

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#6. Third Eye Energy Center & Physical Eyes Regeneration  MP3   8:18 min
Cleanse your eyes as you receive the healing matrix reboot to sharpen vision and function and to clear any impairment. Activate your visionary capacities and inner sight and knowing. Bless your eyes and your third eye chakra with spiritual perception and gifts. Transcend hormonal issues, headaches, depression, anxiety and sight issues.

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#7. Throat and Voice Energy Center with Thyroid Reset   MP3  9:29 min
Initiate supportive forces for perfect metabolism. Reset your thyroid energy matrix. Clear blockages to speaking up. Embody speaking your truth with wisdom and love. Amplify your voice with your soul’s intentions. Come into a higher vibrational attunement. Clear your DNA lineage of maternal repression and paternal aggression.

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#8. Spine and Back Reboot   MP3  16:12 min
Activate healing forces to clear pain, spasms and nerve flow abnormalities from your spine. Strengthen bone mass. Open to new cosmic pathways of light and Qi to energize and recharge your spinal template of perfection. Stand strong and and release the unconscious need to be punished or to suffer. Clear energy and cellular memory of poverty oaths and vows. Heal auric holes. Install new psychic protection in your energy field.

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#9. Heart Energy System & Circulatory System Reboot   MP3  15:57
Cleanse and purify your blood in violet light streams. Initiate repair of irregular heartbeat, abnormalities of blood-flow, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and conditions that lead to heart-attack. Activate your Thymus gland with the perfect activity for maximal health. Meet your inner magical Child AND your inner Genius. Receive a harmonic love attunement for arteries, veins and capillaries. Connect with infinite health and eternal youthfulness matrices. Experience the power of your sacred heart and the violet light of transmutation that lives here.

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#10. Lungs & Trachea Upgrade   MP3   16:55 min
Rejuvenate your lungs in their new ascension health matrix. Open to clear inflammation, mucous, coughing, infection and sensitivity to dust, molds and pollutants. Come to peace with your family. Rebirth yourself as the golden divine baby activating the golden light brain and nervous system. Initiate the Whole body respiration cycle.

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#11. Digestive System Reboot for Stomach, Gallbladder & Intestines    MP3   17:55 min
Shift overeating patterns and weight issues. Activate the body’s intuitive neural pathways and trusting your gut instincts. Align stomach- gallbladder-liver-small intestine energy pathways with maximal health. Reset intestinal walls and peristaltic rhythm for optimal health. Open to clear Inflammation, pain, bowel disease, diarrhea/constipation, parasites, viruses, bloating and gastric reflux. Release energetic cords and psychic residue. Install psychic protection boundaries. Release energetic parasites and their effects. Align all organs with enlightenment matrices. Clear, heal and align root chakra with evolutionary matrixes. Open to shift eating disorders and addictions. Initiate a mitochondria upgrade.

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#12. Liver & Emotional Detox Reboot    MP3   9:28 min
Receive an angelic light bath purification. Connect the golden template of perfection to the physical body. Invite a divine restoration for perfect blood clotting, cholesterol and glucose levels, bile secretion and iron and protein production. Clear soul sickness and blood impurities. Release toxic emotions. Receive an emotional upgrade to ascension frequencies. Heal the inner abuser and addiction, self-hatred and self-harming issues.

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#13. Pancreas & Blood Sugar Levels Reboot   MP3  12:50 min
Reset your pancreas to the health matrix of perfect blood sugar to shift patterns of diabetes, fatigue, weight gain, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, and inflammation. Repair and restore optimal functional levels of cellular metabolism. Clear exhaustion and inertia from your being. Release fear, doubt, anxiety and negative programming from your solar plexus center. Integrate spirit and soul into your physical tissues. Recharge yourself with revitalizing, renewing energies to create your greatest health and harmony.

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#14. Urinary System Upgrade Kidneys & Bladder Reboot   MP3   13:01 min
Increase kidney and adrenal health and efficiency. Restore valuable Qi energy. Transform the conduits that convert universal life energy into human life energy.  Increase your bladder health energy. Strengthen, repair and enliven the muscles that control frequency and urgency of urination. Cleanse UTI’s. Open to clear fear fright and phobias. Create the perfect flow in your life. Activate intelligent divine life forces within you that create emotional equilibrium and balance the yin-yang energies. Feel more vitally alive.

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All Programs 1 through 14 listed above – only $308

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The Voice of Rev. Adams is an enlightened sound journey to higher consciousness.
“The healing, Light-filled, God-filled, voice of Rev. Adams is an enlightened sound journey to our higher consciousness. Honoring Love, embracing Light, focusing on Love, she gathers our grateful hearts, while honoring our beautiful minds in a cosmic passage of healing. An incredible way to start every new morning.”
~ Melinda Barber, MFA

Pain from old Football Injuries Improve
“Wow this is so good! I am so grateful for this healing matrix reboot for my spine. I love it. I believe everything it says. It’s all possible. I’ve been focusing more on ignoring my pain but this is a better way. I feel really good about myself after listening. Ohio State football banged me up pretty bad, including a fractured C2 in my neck. I deal with pain daily. I would recommend this to anyone in pain!!”
~ Terry Bach

You have helped awaken the inner knowing of just how miraculous our bodies are!
“Words cannot express how grateful I am for you. You have brought so much healing to my body, mind, and spirit. The information and healing frequencies you transmit through the MP3’s are undeniable. The recordings have activated healing and well-being in me and they have helped awaken the inner knowing of just how miraculous our bodies are. For the first time in a long time I know I am on the path to vibrant health. Love and blessings!”
Tracy O’Brien

This made me feel great with a positive state of mind
“This made me feel great. My lungs are more open. And I’m in a positive state of mind. I have COPD and use an albuterol nebulizer occasionally but i don’t feel I need to do that- I will continue to use this recording. It’s important to have something to change my mind and my focus. I know i don’t need to accept any diagnosis and that healing is possible if i apply this and allow myself to be healed. I feel really blessed listening. Thank you!!”
~  Roslyn Halperin

Sacred Love Fulfillment

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True Fulfillment in Love, Attracting Your Soulmate, Manifesting Your Soul Fulfillment on Earth

Are you seeking a True Love relationship? Do you long to meet the partner of your dreams? Are you working on attracting your soul mate? Or do you have trouble believing you will have true love fulfillment? These inspiring heart-awakening transmissions will align you vibrationally to manifesting your perfect life partner now. It works too if you are already in a love relationship and desire to take yourself to the next highest love expression.

Filled with vibrationally attuned frequencies of pure love and higher consciousness, this beautiful love transmission will help transmute all that stops or blocks  you in creating successful, happy, and fulfilling relationships. This enchanting guide helps you to manifest true heart and soul fulfillment in all areas of your life. Attune yourself with soul love energy by finding your inner joy and heart love. You will experience a new contentment and exuberance in just being alive to awakened love.

The recordings are infused with the energies of rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang essential oils and the frequencies of soulmate energy, divine love and harmony, bliss and sacred fulfillment.

You can listen to this recording anytime or place, even as background music as you go about your day. The First track is a channeled love letter from the Soul. The second track includes transformational, higher consciousness decrees over music which is embedded with layers of subliminal messages and gamma binaural waves.*  The third track is the music embedded with subliminal messages and gamma binaural waves. Listening repeatedly will entrain your mind to true love fulfillment and to manifesting your soul’s desires on earth.

* Please don’t listen to tracks 2 or 3 if you have any kind of seizure disorder because it includes binaural gamma waves. The Gamma brain waves are  associated with having high levels of intelligence, peak concentration, being compassionate and greater feelings of happiness. This is the brainwave state of being “in the Zone,” and the feeling that you can do anything.

Inspiring Energy Light Transmission Products

“I absolutely love, love, love all your mp3’s as they are so brilliant and I felt so much lighter and peaceful after listening to them. Thank you very much & infinite blessings for them!”
~ Naseema I.

“Your work is so powerful and I’m infinitely grateful for being guided to these amazing MP3’s. I am super enjoying all the activations.”
~ Upaasna K.

“Where do I even begin… I’ve been asking Debbi to record her meditation transmissions for decades. She has entirely changed my life in so many ways. She is my friend, mentor and spiritual guide. Now I finally have the ability to listen to her again and again. I can take her with me wherever I go. I am forever changed by experiencing her light transmissions. After each session I always feel centered, loved and renewed like never before. I know I can have it all and every time I listen to Debbi I am reminded of this truth. These products connect me with so many insights, energies and miracles it’s hard to say which one is more profound. They all are!! I feel so loved, blessed and connected…one with everything. Thank you Debbi for always bringing me to this place. You must experience Debbi and her wonderful LOVE essence!”
~ Nadene Nystuen R.N.

Contact Debbi to purchase individual MP3’s or to have a personalized MP3 created for your specific need.

12th Dimensional Solar Light Body Meditative Transmissions

Best received with eyes closed (for products you can listen to while alert scroll down)

Angelic Reset & Recharge – Reset yourself to Living a Life you Love (15:52)

$110.00Add to Cart

Relax and recharge in this guided transmission that includes Instant Cellular Detox™. Realign with your Angelic Self and let Angel and 12th dimensional solar frequencies reset you to living a life you love. Release and transmute old energies. Attune your body, mind and cells with ascension consciousness and cosmic harmony. Activate blueprints for the New Earth Human. Invite your DNA to recalibrate itself to 12th dimensional solar light frequencies. Fill your car and home with these same energies.

Background music MI 528 HZ miracle Solfeggio scale assists to heal and repair DNA.

Filled with Love frequencies to advance health and longevity in the bioenergy field. Only listen to at a time you can close your eyes.

Infused with energies of angels, rose and white angelica essential oils, amethyst, rainbow quartz, selenite, angelite, celestite and rose quartz crystals.

Angelic Spine Alignment (15:30)

$110.00Add to Cart

Experience an ‘angelic energetic chiropractic adjustment’ as you realign the spine, bones and joints for optimal health and harmonic attunement. Feel elongated and made anew!

Infused with the energy of Angelic Healers and Universal harmony vibrations, selenite, rose quartz, and rainbow quartz crystals.

Blue Lotus Peace Infusion – A Personal Portable Retreat (12:16)

$110.00 $18.00Add to Cart

Would you like to heal anxiety and have a place inside you that is always peaceful and at ease? We weave this inner luminous peace into the heart and solar plexus energy centers to always be with you and accessible anytime. We know Life can get stressful and hectic. Here is a personal portable retreat that you can come to anytime to reset yourself to serenity.  If you deal with anxiety, are prone to worry, struggle with ADD or focusing, use this MP3 to free yourself and you will be better able to cope with anything that comes your way in your everyday life.

Infused with the energies of natural peace, rose and lotus essence, sapphire blue diamond light and Archangel energies.

Background music includes 432Hz which resonates inside your body, assisting to release emotional blockages, and expand consciousness. It allows you to tune into the knowledge of the universe in a more intuitive way.

Bringing Ascension Consciousness into the Primal Brain – Illuminating Our Instinctual Nature (16:18)

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Helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (calming); calms fears and anxieties, elevates body to a higher understanding and frequency. Invites clearance of ancient fears and thought forms. Reduces fear of death. Plugs you into the blueprints for the new evolutionary Whole Brain. Activates diamond cells and longevity molecules.

“I am eternally safe and cared for.” Infused with the consciousness of Immortality, the light of ascension, the multi-dimensional self and God-Goddess energy.

Healing Light / Body Love (9:02)

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Activate peace, love, healing and light in your body, mind and spirit. Attune with ‘loving the body, loving the self.’  Infuse your body and cells with new love and profound harmony… Embrace your body with gratitude as the vehicle for your soul. Rejuvenate the healing centers with this exquisite mind-body-spirit connection.

Infused with Rose Quartz, gold light and the blue-green energy of nature.

Higher Love Activation – Embody Ascended Relationships (18:44)

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This transmission feels like a burst of galactic-cosmic love saying to all of us, ‘Come all my children into the arms of this love – dance, sing, play and create bliss together.’ This is about you finding true love fulfillment and embodying transcendent love and ascended love relationships. Cleanse past sexual history and infuse all your relationships with higher love vibrations.  Expect all your relationships to come into new, higher expressions of love.

Filled with energies of higher cosmic love and galactic infinity waves and holographic fields of sacred geometry. Vibrations of compassion and ascension level frequency, emerald, rose quartz, fuchsia pink, rainbow crystalline prisms and colors beyond the human eyesight to see.  Only listen to this when you can close your eyes.

Holy Hormones – A Sacred Gland Initiation (18:30)

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Did you know the light body works through sacred gland gateways within you? Activate ageless-timeless paradigms of wisdom, health, beauty and youthfulness within the thyroid, thymus, adrenals and more. As you become more fully illumined in your light body, your physical body integrates all these higher vibrational frequencies, and your hormones and glands begin to ”resurrect” themselves and return to a more youthful state and create a new a healthy balance.

Infused with energies of endorphins, bliss, ageless-timeless blueprints, violet flame, 12th dimensional solar light fields

Luminous Beauty – Radiate Your Soul’s Light, Wisdom & Truth (14:02)

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All the beauty there is lives inside you already. Your radiant soul light will animate and fill you with truth, wisdom, beauty and power. You will align with beauty at cellular and subcellular levels, and radiate inner and outer physical beauty. Helps to alleviate the fear of death. Brings a deeper understanding and connection with oneness.  Discover your inner luminosity as you merge with the secrets of the ages.  Energy in this transformational message will melt away any barriers within to experiencing your Self as the reflection of the beauty you see everywhere.

Infused with the energies of elementals and the natural world to integrate balance and harmonize as well as 12th dimensional solar frequencies for your body temple.  Filled with the energy of flowers, sun, moon, mountains stream, oceans, rainbows, shells, and sacred geometry.

Soul Star / Earth Star – Nourish & Activate Your Ascended Light Body (17:22)

$110.00Add to Cart

Charge your earth and soul star with Light fields of ascension and 12th dimensional solar frequencies. Activate and nourish your ascended light body for your life plan to unfold with ease and grace. Your unified field becomes an empowering, shimmering fountain of light cascading all around you. Assists you to accept and integrate the heaven on earth experience (5D).

Infused with the harmonizing perfumes of jasmine, rose, neroli, joy, frankincense, sandalwood, cedar wood, ylang-ylang and myrrh. Selenite, rainbow quartz, crystalline diamond light & 12th dimensional solar frequencies.

Union of Sacred Masculine/Sacred Feminine Within (18:18)

$110.00Add to Cart

Do you have relationship wounds or an as yet unfulfilled longing and desire for a divine partner? Help heal relationship wounds and your Heart by integrating with your inner Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies. Mystically unite with the polarity of life and the intimate dance of opposites as a divine Union takes place within you.

Infused with the energies of Synergy, Sun-Moon, Divine Union, Oneness, God-Goddess, and Magnetic Attraction.

Synergy Products

You can listen to these with your eyes open, while doing any activity, and they can be played as back ground music to reinforce your mastery.  Amazing!! Multi-layers! Your brain will entrain to the music and the decrees and reinforcement will be enhanced exponentially when listening to the subliminal track.

I AM A Miracle Generator (27:00)

$220.00Add to Cart

Increase your miracle producing power a thousand fold. Raise yourself into a new consciousness of miracles of health, healing, abundance, and love. Broadcast the energy of miracles. Watch miracles unfold in your life. Become a miracle producing being for self and others. Decrees for releasing ego and fear around miracles. It is suggested that you think or affirm one miracle you wish to manifest at the beginning of listening to this transmission each time. It could be a miracle of health, wealth or manifesting love. Then relax and receive. The more you listen the more attuned to miracles you will become! Multi-layered. The first track has decrees with subliminal messages, gamma binaural and beautiful music. The second track is the music with subliminal messages and gamma-binaural only. Repeated listening entrains your consciousness to being a miracle generator.

Please do not listen to this if you have any kind of seizure disorder because it includes gamma binaural beats. Gamma binaural waves are associated with being in the zone, increased memory, ability to process large amounts of information in a small amount of time, and high levels of happiness.

Listen to this MP3 anytime. It can play in background while you do other work. Infused with miracle consciousness blessings and empowerment, the energy of miracles, abundance, money, essence of gold, vibrant health, spirit healers, saints, ascended miracle workers, miracle workers on our planet today.

I AM A Quantum Energy Abundance Manifestor (30:44)

$220.00Add to Cart

Become an abundance manifestor. Clear energy blocks to receiving abundance, clear vows and oaths of poverty and release poverty consciousness. Embrace Abundance and love. Claim abundant health, love, money, prosperity, time, joy and happiness. Build your abundance consciousness now. Align with the quantum energy fields of instant manifestation. Multi-layered tracks. The first track has decrees with subliminal messages, gamma-binaural and beautiful music. The second track is the music with subliminal messages and gamma-binaural only. Repeated listening entrains your consciousness to becoming a quantum energy field abundance manifestor.

Please do not listen to this if you have any kind of seizure disorder because it includes gamma binaural beats. Gamma binaural waves are associated with being in the zone, increased memory, ability to process large amounts of information in a small amount of time, and high levels of happiness.

Infused with gold, silver, money, green stones and crystals, green light, soul fulfillment, ease of creation and quantum energy fields of manifestation, success and opulence. Energies of Abundance and Abundance deities such as Lakshmi and Ganesh.

Positive Thought Generator – Higher Vibrational Attunement for your Mental Body (15:15)

$110.00Add to Cart

Align your mind with cosmic laws and break free from personal and mass consciousness fear programming. Dream big. Your ability to receive good things opens up. Your Thought field pattern learns to stay focused on health, wealth and happiness; and in the flow of abundance and love and manifesting your soul destiny. Align with miracles, universal laws and positive expectancy. Positively rescript core beliefs on money and income to be free to create abundantly. First track is a talk on generating a positive mindset, second track is decrees to attune your consciousness naturally with higher vibrational thinking.

You can listen to this MP3 while driving a car or in the background while doing activities. It’s designed to raise your mental thought field into higher consciousness planes and to stay there automatically. It is filled with the frequencies of angels, crystals, rose and lemon essential oils and violet light and sunshine yellow. It contains two tracks both of which can be listened to while doing activities.

“I just listened to the Positive Thought Generator and I loved it! It is so healing. This is like therapy but a lot better.”Day 1 of listening to Positive Thought Generator 
“I ended up letting my insecurities get the best of me and it led to someone really close and important to me being upset with me. I was able to finally let go of insecurities I had and to not only forgive this person, but to forgive myself. I did not realize how much holding onto grudges, insecurities, and failing to forgive can make you live with a chip on your shoulder, and also make you not really see what is in front of you. I was able to step out of my comfort zone, break free from these insecurities and to forgive. It felt amazing. I felt free, like I could see and feel more, breathe more, and was more thankful for my blessings I have in my everyday life.”

Day 3 of Positive Thought Generator 
“I tried to reach out to my father because I heard he has been going through a rough time and I have been worried about him. I tried messaging him a few times in effort to meet up and have dinner with him. He responded saying not to bother him. So my immediate reaction was a very angry response because it was hard to believe my own father would talk to me this way and it was just frustrating because he has not been there for me throughout my life. But instantly I took a breath, and was able to immediately forgive him, and not let him affect the rest of my day. Yes, it is sad when parents are not there for their kids. But I know I deserve better than that and I realized that it is his loss, not mine about not being in my life. Instead, I just prayed for him, and released my anger and frustration I had towards him. I felt much better having that perspective than letting him affect my mood to anger and sadness all day.”

Day 5 of Positive Thought Generator 
“I have noticed that when unexpected incidents happen, or when things do not go my way, I react differently. My levels of frustration and anger are lower, and I respond more positively. I do not let them affect my day or overall mood throughout the day. I can say I feel calmer, and more loving, and thankful.”
~ Allison Navarro, RTC, CTRS, Recreation Therapist, Millennial