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Playing in the Light Fields of Ascension with Rev. Dr. Debbi Adams

My Healing Matrix Reboot Retreat

Would you like to reset your biology to a higher calibration that supports your vibrant health, joyful living, abundance consciousness and ever flowing renewal?

Join Rev. Dr. Debbi Adams in this day-long retreat to connect with Your Divine Inner Healer and Brilliant Alchemist that knows how to transmute negativity, dis-ease and reverse aging.

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Raise your Vibrational Frequency and Re-calibrate Your Energetics in Pure Love-Light-Bliss Vibrations as we plug into Powerful Manifesting Fields.

Join us in an intimate, small group setting in this unique healing home that has a Kiva room in Scottsdale, AZ. Immerse yourself in this experiential day ‘out of time’ with sacred ceremony, divine channeling, sound healing, aromatherapy and energy transformation. We are a sacred enclave working with the ancestors, the ancient ones, the Cosmos, and the present moment while calling in your future evolutionary self.

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My Soul, my Heart, my very Being was Touched
“Thank you! That was one of the most beautiful, powerful, magical retreats I have ever participated in. My Soul, my Heart, my very Being was touched as you worked your magic on us. My soul was touched to a depth so profound I can’t find the words.” Pamela G, Wisdom Coach

Saturday Day-Long Retreat – May 5th 2018, 9 am – 6 pm

It’s time to Power Up and Re-Source yourself in Source Energy Like never before.

Embody Sublime Peace, Universal Wisdom and Life Altering Love.

Nurture your Soul.
Celebrate your Infinite Nature.
Magnify Your Spiritual Self.

Advance Your Intuition.
A ‘day out of time’ experience. Register today

$125.00Add to Cart