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Debbi Adams is a gifted soul reader, divine healer, therapeutic medium, higher consciousness coach, and heart-centered teacher who will empower you to live to your highest potential.

She has helped thousands of clients overcome physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, business, and human challenges. Debbi has an intuitive ability to tune into and translate the wisdom of your soul.

Her higher-consciousness sessions are filled with magical insight, quantum transformations, divine blessings, and sacred light transmissions and activations.

You will feel like you’re talking to your angelic self, while being holistically transformed in pure love and higher cosmic attunement. Her clients experience new freedom and bliss.


Click here to listen to a FREE talk with Debbi Adams on ‘Your 12th Dimensional Solar Light Body’ which includes personal healing and group energy clearings. As heard on From Heartache to Joy TeleSummit 11-28-16. Listen to the end to hear the beautiful group meditation that attunes you with your 12th Dimensional Solar Body!! Phenomenal!

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Debbi has been called a Lightworker, Earth Angel, Saint, Medicine Woman, Spiritual Midwife, and enlightened by shamans, healers and her clients.

She has also been called on in missing persons’ cases, life and death passages, and to communicate with loved ones who have transitioned—including in difficult circumstances, such as murder. She has a doctorate of divinity, three ordinations and 20 healing certifications.

“A truly gifted soul, Debbi is aware of the oneness that all things are and enjoys guiding others to this same glorious state. If you want to feel your soul instead of just imagining it, if you want to wake up out of the illusion of this world and live as an aware being you’re on the right path.”
– Marie S., client of 10 years

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“I had a one-on-one, 30-minute session with Debbi. I lost my job earlier this year and had been struggling a great deal trying to make a living as an artist. Debbi worked on deep levels of poverty consciousness that have been following me since childhood. I felt so empowered and uplifted as she worked through these layers and felt a shift in energy. The day after the session, I was offered more for a painting than ever before and received a job opportunity! Thank you to the Universe and thank you Debbi!”
– Caroline Abrams, FHTJ VIP

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“It is as if I have ceased to struggle and can now allow the universe to work on my behalf. Debbi has extraordinary insight and compassion and I feel as if my life is starting anew from this point forward. I also feel tremendous excitement about the future… it feels within reach. And yes, I do have to walk through the doors, but now at least I have a roadmap for what doors to look for.”
– Jennifer S.

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“Debbi is a truly unique and rare combination of a divine channel that is anchored and rooted in truth, offering highly tangible solutions that can be applied anywhere and anytime. I have worked with her for the past four years, and continue to be amazed by the profound wisdom and skills that she embodies.”
– Keith Walters, Medicine Man and Ceremonialist

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