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Become a Certified Divine Energy Healing Practioner

Live weekly Online Classes, Mentoring, Healings, Intuitive Readings, Q&A and MORE!
Jan. 12 2021 through June 29, 2021, Tuesdays at 7-8:30 pm Eastern Time.

  • Deepen Your Connection with the Divine and Strengthen Self-Love
  • Understand and Develop your Unique Intuitive Powers and Purpose
  • Heal Yourself, Others and the World!

TOPICS INCLUDE: Universal Laws, Language of the Soul, the Human Energy System, Multi-dimensional Reality, Unity Consciousness, and How to Receive and Translate Diving Energy and Wisdom.

The Certification provides you the authority to share spiritual wisdom, guidance, messages and healing energy with clients to aid in their personal growth and empowerment.

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Apprenticeship Certification Programs with Rev. Dr. Debbi Adams

“The true test of any master is not in how many followers she has, but in how many masters she creates.” — Neale Donald Walsch

Debbi accepts independent students who seek her guidance and assistance to further expand higher consciousness, divine healing gifts, mastery and/or spiritual leadership abilities. Contact her to receive small group or one-on-one mentoring and to set up your personal program of mastery.

Student Opportunities for Mastery:

“Reverend Debbi Adams is a saint. I began studying under her back in 2009 and have since continued meeting with her whenever I am in need of some solid counsel or healing. There are so many examples I can share where she helped me grow throughout the years, but one stands out above the rest. Back in 2012, I was pastor of a growing interfaith church and was struggling with being a confident and decisive leader during a difficult time of unrest in the community. Up to that point in my life, I had the belief drilled in my mind that “power” was a “bad word” and that it was ego-based, thus I feared fully stepping into my power to become the leader my community needed me to be. With Debbi’s assistance, she taught me the positive aspects of power and how it can be used to foster courage, strength, and above all, kindness. Years later, and with Debbi’s continued leadership training, I stand a confident man with a thriving community around me. Debbi’s teachings were invaluable to me, and today I face all my challenges with a powerful heart, never backing away out of fear or insecurity. In doing so, I have learned to conflict resolve with peace, kindness, and compassion in every area of my life. I highly recommend Rev. Debbi’s services. She is an incredible healer and mentor, providing an absolute safe space without any judgment. She is also very skilled at gently guiding our own minds back to compassion when we begin to judge ourselves and become our worst critic! For seven years Debbi Brown has been my go-to mentor in times of need. Like I mentioned above she is a saint who is well worth the monetary exchange and time spent to meet with.” — Alaric Hutchinson, author of Living Peace and owner of Earth Spirit Center for Healing in Queen Creek, Arizona

Intuitive Development and Mediumship Apprenticeship Are you interested in developing your intuitive gifts and mediumship ability? Tailored to your desired outcomes Debbi will support your ability to receive authentic messages and guidance, while emphasizing the importance of discernment and skills to validate the information. Topics that can be covered are: grounding, purifying, prayer & meditation, psychometry, Akashic record field, past lives, reaching the luminous realms, understanding the luminous bioenergy field, receiving messages from loved ones on the other side and channeling Angels and the higher realms. This can include initiations to open or expand clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, or any other valid inter-communication gift you have. It can also include mentoring to advance your intuitive healing abilities.

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The Journey Home Certification Apprenticeship – Death, Dying and Beyond Do you have an ill family member or friend? Are you interested in death midwifery, escorting souls to the other side? Do you have a message to carry to the world about the other side? This practical training covers how we die, the spiritual dimensions of death, guidance for a ‘good’ death, how to be soulfully present, the continuity of life and consciousness, nonverbal communication and afterlife communication. Debbi combines profound wisdom, modern scientific research, and practical skills and techniques in a heart awakening atmosphere. Hers is a holistic and universal approach that will explore the sacred dimensions of life and death in this special program.

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“Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to life before you die and find that there is no death.” — Eckhart Tolle

Rev. Debbi is an expert in heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul communication and a professional in the death and dying field. She served as a Chaplain for seven years on an Alzheimer-Dementia unit, and as a faculty member at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) where she co-developed the spiritual studies program and taught 100’s of students Death, Dying and Hospice. She has spoken at International Association for Near Death Studies’ (IANDS) conferences, has Certification as a Home Funeral Guide (green burials too), and is the founder of the Journey Home training, an advanced course on death and dying.

“I just wanted to thank you for the event on Sunday. You are a very genuine person and it comes across in the stories you tell, and the love and compassion you express when listening to us talk. After leaving the event, I felt very good and connected to ‘something greater’ and felt very at peace, and in a good place. So, not only did I learn a lot intellectually, but I came away from the experience with a wonderful emotional and spiritual component as well. So I just wanted to send a special email out to you, saying thanks…and in all honesty, it’s more than words can express, so this email doesn’t even capture it. I’m very thankful to have been able to be a part of the workshop and learn and experience all that I did.” — Bill T.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciated our time together. I feel like a hundred pounds is off my back that I now have such a loving warm caring sensitive person that I can go to for guidance. I needed someone objective to tell me that I can do this! Often I think I can do something and all my friends support me but I am just not sure if I can actually make a living doing what I so deeply want to do. You gave me such a boost of confidence and I can’t express how much that helped me. I also just need practical guidance on what the next step is and you have given that to me as well.” — Lucretia, Lost Inside Ministry LLC


Graduate of Apprenticeships Medicine Way, Intuitive Development, Soul Mastery and Personal Mentoring:

“Debbi, the first time I was introduced to you by Dr. Ritchie, you were called into my life in an emergency situation. My son Carson was bit by a deadly spider. The hospital and doctors were not helping—and then you walked in to the room. At first I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I can remember was handing my son over to you and asking you to make this all better. I actually had the visual of that and it must have been in a different realm. I knew nothing about energy or shamans at this time.

You placed your hands on Carson and closed your eyes, and I saw this black spirit of some sort lift out of him like smoke. And the room got brighter. He was healed. I was forever changed after that day.

I had to know more, I felt as a mother I needed to know how to heal because I couldn’t rely on western medicine anymore, I had lost trust and faith.

I then started to show up at your classes, and I found myself at your door a lot. I started to learn about metaphysical science and found I was good at something that is manifesting. And with your blessings and teachings our family business became very, very successful.

Your personal hypnosis CDs have assisted me and my three children off the addiction of fast food. We won’t even pull into a McDonald’s parking lot.

I’m forever grateful for the support over the years you have provided, you assisted me transforming a breakdown into a breakthrough. When literally every relationship in my life was broken, you answered my calls and helped me see my light even at times when I didn’t see it in myself.You taught me silence

You taught me truth

You taught me belief

You taught me miracles

You taught me friendship

You taught me honesty

You taught me courage

You taught me beauty

You taught me respect

You taught me honor

You taught me soul

You taught me love

Debbi and I prayed together for my husband’s addictions to be healed, and she taught me to trust and have faith and to believe the prayer will get answered. My husband’s addictions have been healed and I strongly believe it had to do with the healing prayer work Debbi initiated. Her prayers are other worldly and all encompassing. They heal.

My son Carson listened to Debbi’s golf meditations before he goes to sleep and has won many tournaments since listening to her recordings. He too calls to makes appointments to visualize/pray with her before golf tournaments.

My son Zachary has personally called and had private life coaching sessions with Debbi and has earned a full tennis scholarship this year and I know it’s because of the coaching. He also practices metaphysical science abundance sessions with Debbi and has started his own TEC Company at the age of 18.

My daughter has been healing her back issues with Debbi’s CDs for healing. And my youngest daughter has been to several classes for shamanic and Reiki initiations. She uses her hands to heal. She also is a great manifestor and positive person from Debbi’s teachings.

Debbi has touched my life in too many ways to list, she truly is an earth angel in a human body. I’ve watched miracles take place and I’ve also experienced life-saving healings personally for myself and my loved ones as well. I highly, highly recommend Debbi for all issues, including assisting with energy healing for any medical issues as well. Your life will be blessed and transformed once you allow Debbi’s heart into your heart!”

—Rev. Kimberly Valentine, Abundance Manifestor & Mentor, Fire Ceremony Facilitator, completed Apprenticeships: Medicine Way, Intuitive Development, Soul Mastery and Personal Mentoring


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